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Facts About Older Hot Tubs

  • ld tubs run 24/7 costing approx. $50-$75 per month
  • Low number & performance of jets
  • Less efficient insulation in many models


Facts About New Beachcomber Hot Tubs

  • Silent pump operation
  • Energy Efficient costing approximately $15-$25 per month
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximized jet performance. Beachcomber offers the broadest range of interchangeable jetting combinations for the best massage
  • The shape of the ergonomic seats reflect the shapely curves of the human body for your ultimate comfort.
  • 5 Year Guarantee It is not a warranty. We build a worry-free hot tub, & we back it up with a 100% worry-free Guarantee. Our Guarantee is simple, straight-forward & water-tight; if anything goes wrong & we’re to blame, we fix or replace your spa at our expense.