why choose a beachcomber hot tub?

A Beachcomber is designed to use, every day. It's durable, well built, and will stand the test of time. In fact, we have customers who have 20-plus year old Beachcombers that they still use every day. A Beachcomber is built to last, with many standard features. Below are just a few features that make a Beachcomber unique in the marketplace:


Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Mood and ambience is about more than hot swirling water. By adding effective mood lighting you will greatly benefit from the relaxation that it offers. With Beachcomber's energy efficient, ultra-low cost lighting you will enjoy the benefits of low cost also. At just pennies per year to operate LED special lighting shines with its Electrical efficiency.

Built to be used Any Time, Any where

It doesn't matter what the climate is, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, our hot tubs are designed to perform as promised and give you the relaxation you need, in all four seasons. This is because Beachcomber uses 100% cavity insulation and specially designed Heatshield covers to retain the heat in your hot tub, and keep energy use down. There is nothing more refreshing than to relax in a Beachcomber on a cool evening! And you can rest assured that it is energy efficient with low cost operation.

Digital Temperature Controls

We care about our environment, and we feel responsible as a group of people to do all we can to protect and preserve our surroundings. That's why we provide digital temperature controls to let the hot tub's computerized system save energy and money in operational costs. Many of our models are fully programmable so that you can choose your own heating and cleaning functions. Digital Operation is efficient and smart!

Soaking in Warm Water

Soaking in warm, swirling waters is an inviting and invigorating experience! This Beachcomber sitting in the snow in the middle of winter is just one example of many thousands of hot tubs that our retail stores have installed in cold climates. A Beachcomber Spa is fully insulated and ready to endure the cold, and still provide you with the ultimate in massage therapy.

Power Guard Heatshield Cover

Beachcomber Power Guard Heatshield Covers seal in precious heat in any season. Your Heatshield provides superior energy efficiency by sealing in the heat, much like a thermos bottle. A tight seal is created between the lip of the spa, and the Heatshield; you will feel the suction as you remove your cover. This seal traps in the heat and prevents it from escaping.


Beautiful lighting provides 'Chromatherapy' at night. This is a relatively new term that refers to therapy that is visually stimulated; therapy that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Special light like this brings feelings of pleasure and relaxation. And – it costs less than a dollar (US$) a year to operate.

Using the latest LED technology, these lights don't burn out like a traditional light bulb. These are long lasting lights that bring you joy and 'Chromatherapy' for years to come.


Flexibility counts. You get free jetting selections that allow you customize the massage inserts, for the number of jets you need.You can adjust FlexJets anywhere from off, to fullstrengthvolume; and you can decide the massage intensity, the type of water massage feeling, and even the width of the body spray by simplyinterchanging a FlexJet to tailor your own massage requirements. It's very easy really, it's like changing a light bulb. Simply twist itout and replace it with the massage insertyou want, to get the therapy you need. We realize that each person's needs are different. That's why Beachcomber offers the broadest range of jetting combinations, at no extra cost to you. Our goal with FlexJet is to help you relax and relieve the stresses of daily life, your own way.


Beachcomber's unique, wide, rolled lip design keeps water and debris away from the Enviroskirt cabinetry. The hot tub's tongue and groove cabinet is neatly tucked underneath thelip, allowing water to roll freely to the ground away from the cabinetry, rather than to collect on aridge, or ledge. It may seem like a simple concept - but it'simportant for quality and durability. Tuck yourfingers under the lip to feel the thick, finely trimmed, hand rolled Glassloc 2000 backing. This is what gives your hot tub its strength. With this gentle, rolled lip design, your hot tub has extra structural strength and support for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Hand Grips

Unlike many built-in style plastic or metal bar railings common in many hot tubs today, our uniquely designed hand grips do not pose a safety hazard for children's arms and legs. Our designers use no other extra part or fixture, only the lip of the spa itself to ensure shell integrity and a perfect seal for the Heatshield cover. This easy to use hand grip requires no thought for maintenance or usage; every hand grip in our hot tubs are barrier free, easy to use, and contribute in proper form to the hot tub enjoyment experience.

Smooth Lines

Every Beachcomber has smooth lines. We don't believe you should be knocking your knees on hard, angular interior surfaces of your hot tub. That's why every contour is beveled and shaved to give a rounded, ergonomic feel whether sitting, reclining or semi-recumbent. We use the human body for our cues to seating design and comfort. Making entry and exit unobstructed makes for better safety and comfort - from the Wide Rolled Acrylic Lip to the ample footwell, you'll find contoured surfaces throughout every model.