choosing a pool

Deciding to have a pool is the easy part. Choosing the right pool for you and your lifestyle can be a daunting task at best. Let the professionals at New Waves Pool & Spa make the choice an easy one. We not only have dozens of types of pools to offer, but we have hundreds of options for those types. We will do a comprehensive analysis to help narrow your choices to the best ones for your situation.

We can help you choose from some of the following options:


Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are very common.  Reasons for installing an above ground pool are many; limited budget, don't wish to have a permanent pool, can't install a permanent pool in your area, size constraints, portability.  Whatever your reason, an above ground pool can be as much fun as an Olympic sized pool at the community center.  Above ground pools are available as inflatable ring($), frame pools($$) and hard sided pools($$$).

In Ground Pools

In ground pools are very attractive.  They not only can add value to your property but can also create a "destination" where friends and family gather.  Though in ground pools are more money, they can also be much less work in maintainenance.  Also, keeping heat in in ground pools is easier than an above ground pool.


Metal Walled Pools - choose from hundreds of shapes!

The advantage of metal walled pools that are installed in the ground is that they are easier to install and have other benefits such as ease of insulating the walls for heat retention.  There are hundreds of possible shapes that can be created with different panels while building your metal walled pool.  Metal walled pools can also be typically less expensive in areas where concrete costs are high, not to mention that forms to not need to be built and keeping a metal walled pool in good shape is much easier, especially in our colder climate.

Concrete Walled Pools

Concrete walled pools are the traditional pools that are seen all around the world.  Advantages of concrete walled pools are many.  Maintaining water balance chemistry is very important with concrete walled pools.  Not all areas are suitable for concrete walled pools in the Cariboo.  However, if you are building an indoor pool, a concrete walled pool may be a good solution for you.


Polymer Walled Pools

Polymer walled pools are more of a recent invention.  The idea is that you order a pre-made pool in the shape of your choice and it is created using materials similar to how a hot tub is made.  The resulting pool is delivered usually in one piece and installed in the excavated ground.  Polymer walled pools have the advantage of being easy to care for and are very durable.  There is less maintenance and care in polymer walled pools.

Pool Safety Covers

Avoiding accidental and dangerous falls in unattended pools is made easier with the use of pool safety covers.  They prevent people and animals from falling in the water when there is nobody around the pool.  The advantage of a safety cover versus just a solar cover is that it is a much more durable solution.  In many cases a pool safety cover can help save a life.


Pool Domes for All Weather Use

If you live in an area that has a short swimming season a pool dome may be the solution for you.  With a pool dome you not only get privacy but you get a warm place to enjoy your pool year round.  At a fraction of the cost of a conventional building, a pool dome is a very valuable investment.  Other advantages of a pool dome is evaporation is limited, heat loss is limited plus you get instant sun-block for sensitive skin!

Pool Step Designs

There are many ways of entering a pool.  For those that wish a more graceful entrance, a pool step is the way to go.  Not only are they useful because they make getting out of the pool easier, but they can greatly improve the attractivness of your pool.  There are many pool step designs to consider.  New Waves Pool experts can help you design the most efficient and attractive pool steps for you budget.


Pool Decking Designs

With so many pool decking options, it is very easy to find the one that would suit your pool environment as well as create a solution that is best for your situation.  Gone are the days that a simple concrete sidewalk around the pool was your only option.  Choose from attractive tile options, composite materials, natural stone, etc.


Pool Pumps, Filters, Heaters

Pump, filtering and heating options for your pool are many.  Sand filters are the best option for swimming pools but there are other systems available such as paper filtration.  Heating options range from solar to wood fired, to gas fired, to electric.  Let the pool experts at New Waves Pool and Spa help you choose the best pump, filter and heating option for your pool.


Pool Safety Products

Safety around the swimming pool is extremely important.  At New Waves Pool and Spa we can offer you the full range of safety solutions for your pool ranging from fencing and gate options, safety covers, life buoys, signage and much more.  With the proper safety equipment your insurance costs will be limited and this will save you money and possibly a life in the long term.


The list goes on and on!

Let us help you narrow the list.