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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Slide N' Store Plus Cover Lifter

Hand Power Assisted. Beachcomber introduces a convenient way in 3 easy steps to lift your hot tub cover out of the way. Equipped with a gas strut, Slide 'n Store helps you during the removal process.

How it works In order to make the hot tub ready to use, simply fold the cover, slide into the forks, and tip up to the vertical position.

Slide N' Store Xtreme Cover Lifter

The Slide n' Store Xtreme is a hand-power assisted cover remover, using gas strut construction. This system offers easy removal and replacement of the hot tub cover. This unit is constructed with heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel components to ensure many years of durability in any weather or climate.How it works Slide 'n Store Xtreme is easy to install by simply sliding it under the hot tub perma-seal base. The hot tub cover can be folded, slid in one direction to be gripped by the c-bars and stored behind the tub during use.

Lift N' Store Plus Cover Lifter

The Lift 'n Store Plus Cover Remover is an easy-to-use hot tub cover lifter, designed especially for limited space installations. Its versatile patented design built with durable materials, can be mounted directly to the hot tub cabinetry or adjoining deck. It is ideal for limited space installations, using dual gas springs for easy movement. It is easy to install and is backed by Beachcomber's guarantee.How it works The cover is folded once, and then rotated 90 degrees in an upward motion to sit up and out of the way.

Lift N' Store Cover Lifter

Lift n Store gives you an easy way to lift the hot tub cover and store it to the side when not in use. Made from quality aluminum tubing material, Lift 'n Store is strong and durable enough to last for years in any climate and weather. It is easy to install with the provided stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty PVC fittings.How it works The cover is mechanically folded over once, and then rotated in a 90 degree motion to stand on one end of the hot tub and out of the way. A stainless steel safety chain stops the Lift 'n Store at the correct angle.