free water testing for your pool or hot tub

Are you unsure about how to test your pool or hot tub water?  Do you have unhealthy looking water or problems with your spa or pool water? Do you frequently ask yourself: "Which chemicals and how much do I add to my pool or hot tub?"


New Waves Pool and Spa in Williams Lake has the solution for you! Simply bring in a sample of your pool or hot tub water in a clean container or come into our store and pick up a free container. Then let us test it for you for free and you will receive a report that clearly outlines exactly the issues that you are facing and what to do about them.


Let New Waves show you how much Dazzle product to add for each issue that your pool or hot tub water is facing and how to maintain your system with ease.


To see what the sample report looks like, you may download a sample Aqua Ace Test Printout.


Buy pool and hot tub water testing products online below right from our website!