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Hot tub products such as water treatment chemicals and balancers are available to buy online. Choose from easy to use Mineraluxe or the standard Dazzle products. We are available to help you choose the products that are specific to your hot tub water needs. Simply call us or email us and we will be happy to help!


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  • Product Category: Hot Tub Chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ08010



Dazzle Performance Plus

Why use Dazzle Performance Plus?

  • Enhances hot tub ownership
    ° Utilizes advanced borate technology
    ° Inorganic lubricating properties
    ° pH buffering capability
    ° increased mineral solubility
    ° Makes water feel soft and silky for a more comfortable, relaxed feel
    ° Helps buffer pH and total alkalinity, making water easier to balance and maintain
    ° Improves the efficiency of other products including sanitizers
    ° Improves water clarity - increased calcium solubility
    ° Reduces risk of scale formation
    ° Nice, pleasant fragrance
    ° Natural mineral additive

When do I use Performance Plus?

  • Initially upon filling
    ° Weekly thereafter
    Part of the Dazzle Hot Tub Maintenance Program – taking hot tub ownership to a new level!

How much Dazzle Performance Plus should I use?

  • Initially: 200 grams per 1,000 Litres
    ° Weekly: 40 grams per 1,000 Litres
    ° 1 capful = 6 grams

How do I use Dazzle Performance Plus?

Remove cover
° Operate pump with air off
° Apply required amount directly to water
° Preferably in front of skimmer or suction plate
° Run pump for 15 minutes to distribute