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Hot tub products such as water treatment chemicals and balancers are available to buy online. Choose from easy to use Mineraluxe or the standard Dazzle products. We are available to help you choose the products that are specific to your hot tub water needs. Simply call us or email us and we will be happy to help!


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  • Product SKU: DAZ08030



Why use Dazzle Pro Balance TA+?

  • Raises Total Alkalinity (TA) of swimming pool water
  • Use when TA is less than:
    • 80ppm in a plaster, fully-tiled pool
    • 125ppm in vinyl, fiberglass or painted pools
  • Low TA causes:
    • pH bounce - difficult to balance pH
    • Increased corrosion of metal surfaces
      • Damages the surface
      • Leads to staining
    • Etching of plaster, grout
    • Increased risk of problems and major repair costs
  • Mineral available
    • Very fine granular form
    • Dissolves quickly and fully
    • Food grade - no impurities
    • Alkaline - pH 8.3 in solution

When to use Dazzle Pro Balance TA+

  • Apply when needed to maintain TA within the recommended levels of:
    • 80-125ppm - plaster, fully-tiled
    • 125-150ppm - vinyl, fiberglass, painted
  • Always test each spring after the pool is topped-up and monthly thereafter

How much Dazzle Pro Balance TA+ should I use?

  • To raise TA:
    • 180g per 10,000 litres raises TA 10ppm

Don't know your pool volume? These people in UK have an excellent calculator available:

How do I use Dazzle Pro Balance TA+?

  • Always adjust TA 1st, before pH or CH
  • Water should be circulating
  • Apply product by sprinkling slowly over water surface in one application
  • Circulate for minimum 2 hours afterwards
  • Always test and re-balance pH after application of Pro Balance TA+