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Dazzle Hot Tub Phos Cleanse

Why use Dazzle Hot Tub Phos Cleanse?

  • Effectively remove phosphates;
    ° Reduces phosphate levels to near zero
    ° Reduce risk of scale formation
    ° Reduce risk of biofilm contamination
    ° Gives you cleaner, clearer water
    ° Reduces sanitizer demand
    ° Essential for any salt water hot tub
    Unique technology;
    ° Effective - advanced, lanthanum formulation
    ° Easy - works through filter - minimal clouding
    ° Simply filter phosphates away
    Environmentally friendly:
    ° No side-effects
    ° Non-toxic, non-hazardous
    ° No water discharge restrictions

When do I use Hot Tub Phos Cleanse?

  • Any time phosphate levels exceed: 100 ppb
    Use phosphate test strips to determine level of phosphate
    Where phosphate is an on-going issue, use as a weekly maintenance product
    ° 1 capful per 350 litres
    Removes a problem-causing inorganic compound from pool water - ‘phosphate’

How much Dazzle Hot Tub Phos Cleanse should I use?

  • If phosphate level is <300 ppb
    ° Use 375 ml per 1,000 L.
    When phosphate level is 400 - 500 ppb
    ° Use 500 ml per 1,000 L.
    When phosphate level is >600 ppb
    ° Use 750 ml per 1,000 L.
    Limit applications to no more than 1 Litre. Reduce phosphate in stages so as not to increase filter pressure beyond acceptable levels

How do I use Dazzle Hot Tub Phos Cleanse?

Ensure the pump and filter are operating
° Clean filter prior to adding if dirty
Shake well. Pour required amount slowly into skimmer or in front of suction port - don’t rinse or clean cartridge for min. 48 hrs to allow product to work.
Water may cloud but will clear.
Filter continuously until clear. Run pump and filter for a minimum of 4-6 hours per day while Phos Cleanse is in the filter. After 48 hours rinse cartridge with water. Do not use a pressure washer.