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Hot tub products such as water treatment chemicals and balancers are available to buy online. Choose from easy to use Mineraluxe or the standard Dazzle products. We are available to help you choose the products that are specific to your hot tub water needs. Simply call us or email us and we will be happy to help!


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  • Product Category: hot tub chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ08083



Dazzle Cover Cleanse & Protect

Why use Dazzle Cover Cleanse & Protect?

  • - Effectively cleans and protects hot tub covers
    - Cleans, polishes, protects
    - Triple-action formula;
    ° Cleans: dirt, grime, pollutants
    ° Polishes: to ‘like-new’ appearance
    ° Preserves: unique protective finish
    °Non-tacky feel
    - Eco-Enhanced formula - improved over traditional formulas

When do I use Cover Cleanse & Protect?

  • - As required
    - A clean, polished and protected cover lasts longer and looks better Extends the life of covers!

How much Dazzle Cover Cleanse & Protect should I use?

  • - As needed - use liberally
    - Always test surface to be cleaned to ensure compatibility (inconspicuous area)

How do I use Dazzle Cover Cleanse & Protect?

- Shake well before using
- Wear rubber gloves
- Wash down cover with hose to remove physical debris
- Apply liberally to top-side of cover
- Work in with sponge to remove dirt and debris
- Hose off with water
- Re-apply light covering to polish and protect