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Dazzle Stabilized Chlorine Granules

Why use Dazzle Stabilized Chlorine Granules?

  • Chlorine sanitizer (HOCl) in granular, fast dissolving form
    °Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
    °Chlorine (HOCl) is effective in keeping hot tub water safe (3 - 5 ppm)
    °Kills germs and micro-organisms
    °Use as primary sanitizer or as a boost
    °Not preferred for periodic shocking
    °As an instant boost:
    ° Establishes residual after fresh fill
    ° Re-establishes residual when < 3 ppm
    °Stabilized form of chlorine
    °pH 6 - slightly acidic
    °Totally soluble - won’t cloud water

When do I use Stabilized Chlorine Granules?

  • As the primary sanitizer:
    ° Hand-feed method
    ° Apply daily or as needed to maintain chlorine residual of 3 - 5 ppm
    ° Use a test kit or test strips to check
    °As an instant boost:
    ° Apply any time the chlorine residual drops below 3 ppm
    °Can be used with Mini Chlorinating Tablets as effective 1, 2 method

How much Dazzle Stabilized Chlorine Granules should I use?

  • As a primary sanitizer or a boost:
    ° Use 1 - 1½ capfuls per 1,000 litres to establish 3 - 5 ppm
    ° 1 capful = 10 grams
    °As a chlorine shock treatment:
    ° Use 3 capfuls per 1,000 litres
    ° Do not use the tub until chlorine residual drops to 3 - 5 ppm.

How do I use Dazzle Stabilized Chlorine Granules?

Remove cover
°Operate pump with air off
°Diverter valve(s) neutral
°Broadcast required amount evenly across top of water
°Test to ensure desired result is achieved
Using Dazzle Amaze Plus and Botanical Cleanse improves overall results and reduces the amount of Stabilized Chlorine Granules required.