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  • Product Category: Hot Tub Chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ08801



Dazzle Amaze

Why use Dazzle Amaze?

  • Shock Treatment for Hot Tubs
    ° Part 1 of Dazzle 2 Part System
    ° Unique Dual-Action Approach
    ° Enhanced Active Oxygen
    ° Powerful Clarifiers
    ° Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes
    ° Organics
    ° Ammonia, Nitrogen
    ° Works Fast - less than 1 hour
    ° Gentle, Healthier Approach
    ° Doesn’t raise sanitizer levels severely
    ° No DBP’s
    ° Less chemically invasive
    ° Will provide a gentle boost to brominated systems (2 - 3 ppm)
    ° A simply better approach to shocking

When do I use Amaze?

  • Weekly
    ° After heavy use
    ° Any time the water needs it
    ° Cloudy
    ° Odours
    ° ‘Off’
    ° Ideal with Bromine
    ° Can be used with chlorine but will not boost chlorine levels - if a boost is needed, use Dazzle Chlorine Granules or switch to Amaze Plus Ideal for use with brominated systems (including salt).

How much Dazzle Amaze should I use?

  • ° 2 capfuls per 1,000 Litres
    ° 1 capful = 12 grams
    If removing combined chlorine - dosage rate is 2 capfuls per 1,000 L per 1 ppm of combined chlorine

How do I use Dazzle Amaze?

Remove cover
° Operate pump with air off
° Broadcast across surface
° Leave cover off for minimum 1 hour
When used with Dazzle Botanical Cleanse, provides a highly effective method for controlling organic accumulation in hot tub water. Apply Dazzle Botanical Cleanse 15 minutes after Dazzle Amaze treatment for best results.