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  • Product Category: pool chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ03010



Dazzle Algae Clear 60

Why use Dazzle Algae Clear 60?

  • A concentrated, highly effective algae preventative
  • Our new 3rd Generation Active Formula
  • A traditional approach to controlling algae utilizing a concentrated chemistry
  • 60% concentration - strong so you use less
  • Clarifying Activity
  • Wide pH tolerance
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Low foaming
  • Easier to store

When do I use Dazzle Algae Clear 60?

  • Any time algae is identified in a pool
  • Any time biofilm is identified in a hot tub
  • Use as part of a programmed approach to algae prevention
    • Keep proper water balance
    • Reduce waste through regular shocking
    • Regular use of algicide
    • Protect with adequate sanitizer
  • Reduces sanitizer consumption while improving results
  • Chlorine is NOT the most effective algicide
  • Use at pool opening
  • Weekly thereafter
  • Immediately after heavy rain or thunderstorms
  • Use at pool closing

How much Dazzle Algae Clear 60 should I use?

  • Dosage rates:
    • For visible algae - 100 ml per 10,000 litres
    • As an algae preventative - 25 ml per 10,000 litres weekly

How do I use Dazzle Algae Clear 60?

  • Always apply following a shock treatment - approximately 1 hour
  • Add by pouring required amount around the edges of the pool
  • Brush after application to liberate stubborn wall-clinging algae