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  • Product SKU: DAZ04045



Dazzle Pro Balance UV

Why use Dazzle Pro Balance UV?

  • Pro Balance UV is the traditional way to reduce the loss of chlorine to sunlight
  • The newer, more immediate way is to use Dazzle Instant UV Block

When do I use Dazzle Pro Balance UV?

  • Stabilizer levels should be established with any fresh fill or significant water addition
  • Pools sanitized with stabilized chlorine will not require periodic top-ups unless a significant draining of water occurs
  • Salt pools and those sanitized with unstabilized chlorine will require periodic top-ups based on the amount of water drained and backwashed away
  • Will not reduce bromine dissipation
  • Do not use in indoor pools unless vinyl

How much Dazzle Pro Balance UV should I use?

  • 100 gr of Pro Balance UV per 10,000 litres provides 10ppm of stabilizer
  • 300 gr per 10,000 litres provides an initial concentration of 30ppm
  • Pro Balance UV dissolves very slowly
  • Applying into the filter and allowing the pressure of the water passing through to dissolve it is the best method of application

How do I use Dazzle Pro Balance UV?

  • The best way to apply Pro Balance UV
  • Ensure the filter is clean
  • Mix a slurry of the required amount of Pro Balance UV in a pail of water
  • Slowly pour into a clean skimmer
  • Run the pum continuously for the next 48 hours to ensure product dissolves
  • Alternately, the required amount of product can be placed in a nylon or flow-through bag and placed in the skimmer basket