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  • Product Category: pool chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ05032



Dazzle Clear Rebound

Why use Dazzle Clear Rebound?

  • Clears and cleans problem pools quickly
    • Dead algae
    • Attacks biofilm and algal membranes
    • Oil, gas, chemical contamination
    • Pollutants
    • Organic contamination - tannins, pollen, etc.
    • Heavy bather wastes, animal waste
    • Heavy odours
  • All natural botanical blend
  • Easy to use, just pour it in
  • A natural alternative to floculants

When do I use Dazzle Clear Rebound?

  • As required to clear water or clean the pool below the water line - organic stains
  • Use to avoid the difficult, wasteful use of floculants

How much Dazzle Clear Rebound should I use?

  • Use 160 ml per 10,000 litres
  • 1 capful treats 7,500 litres
  • You cannot overdose
  • Some heavy bubbling may be evident after application

How do I use Dazzle Clear Rebound?

  • Operate the pump continuously until problem has been resolved
  • Apply directly to the water, pouring around edges of pool
  • Re-apply if desired result is not seen within 48 hours - allow more time in cooler water
  • When treating to remove dead algae, ensure the algae is dead (absence of color) before adding