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  • Product Category: pool chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ05040



Dazzle Metal Cleanse

Why use Dazzle Metal Cleanse?

  • Prevents metals from staining pool surfaces
  • A powerful chelating agent
  • Seeks out dissolved metals in pool water - copper, iron, manganese
  • Forms a chemical bond
  • Prevents stains and water discolouration
  • Will also sequester calcium to aid in scale prevention
  • Compatible with all sanitizer systems including salt, bromine, UV and ionizers
  • Phosphate free formula
  • Does not break down in the atmosphere
  • Can remove stains if fresh

When do I use Dazzle Metal Cleanse?

  • Any time metal content of water exceeds .2ppm
  • To return discoloured pool water to proper colour
  • As soon as metal stains are noticed in the pool

How much Dazzle Metal Cleanse should I use?

  • For Spring Opening / Fall Closing
    • 1 litre will treat up to 75,000 litres
  • Regular Maintenance
    • Use 120 ml per 38,000 litres per week
  • To control dissolved metals or to remove metal stains
    • Apply 125 ml per 10,000 litres per 1ppm of combined metals
    • Use Stain Free to aid in metal stain removal

How do I use Dazzle Metal Cleanse?

  • Add directly to pool water
  • Pour around edges of the pool
  • Do not add through the skimmer
  • Avoid contact with decks and/or coping
  • Use Dazzle Filter Enhance to remove dissolved metals through the filter as 2 step method
  • Step 1 - Metal Cleanse
  • Step 2 - Filter Enhance