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  • Product Category: pool chemicals
  • Product SKU: DAZ05501



Dazzle Salt Cell Cleaner

Why use Dazzle Salt Cell Cleaner?

  • The gentle, environmentally friendly way to clean salt cells
  • A clean salt cell produces chlorine more efficiently and extends the life of the cell
  • Removes scale, organics and other deposits
  • Will not harm the cell - unlike muriatic acid and some other cell cleaners
  • Offers identical descaling properties of muriatic acid without the harmful side-effects
  • Does not harm the environment

When do I use Dazzle Salt Cell Cleaner?

  • Can be used as often as necessary
  • Too frequent cleaning requirement indicates water chemistry issues
  • Always clean prior to winter storage

How much Dazzle Salt Cell Cleaner should I use?

  • Use at full strength
  • Water can be added to top-up the cell if not filled completely from full bottle of Salt Cell Cleaner
  • Used solution can be safely poured down the drain

How do I use Dazzle Salt Cell Cleaner?

  • Shut off pool pump, close any necessary valves and release system pressure
  • Turn off the chlorine generator - unplug leads from the cell terminals
  • Remove the cell and rinse away physical debris with water from a tap
  • Do not scrape or pry hardened deposits
  • Fill the cell or container with enough Salt Cell Cleaner full strength to cover plates
  • Allow to soak until clean - badly scaled cells may require soaking overnight
  • Rinse well after cleaning and reinstall
  • Do not spill on concrete as it could damage - if spilled, rinse with plenty of water