what is Total dissolved solids (tds)?

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  • Pool Opening Checklist

    Here are some tips to help you effectively open your pool and prepare it for a summer of family fun! If you need help, or if this is your first time, consider getting your Dazzleâ„¢ Certified Professional to open your pool.

    Drain water from top of the pool cover with a submersible pump and remove leaves and debris.  Remove the cover from the pool.   Minimize the water and/or debris that get into the pool water.  Some dirty water often manages to get in – don’t worry about it. Use  Dazzle’s â„¢ Healthier Pool Opening Kit and Dazzleâ„¢ Prep Cleanse to detoxify and deep cleanse your pool in no time – and  prevent algae.

    TIP: You can fill the pool by placing your garden hose under the cover.  This will raise the water level in the pool and make the removal of the cover a lot easier.

    • Fill the pool to the halfway mark on your skimmer.

    • Spread pool cover and sweep or brush off any remaining debris.  Clean your pool cover with EcoLogoâ„¢ certified Dazzleâ„¢ Cover  Cleanse to extend its life.

    • Properly fan-fold the cover and store away where rodents can’t get access. Empty the water out of any  water tubes you may have.

    • Remove winterizing devices such as foam rope and Gizmos from the skimmer.  Connect the pump and return lines (if required).

    • Replace the skimmer basket and weir (a.k.a. flapper door). Check to see if any replacements are required (make a list).

    • Remove the plugs from the return lines and replace the return fittings.  Position the return fittings downward at a 33° to 45° angle –  in the same direction (so your water flows in a circular motion).

    TIP: Pool grade antifreeze can go back into the water. Automotive antifreeze is toxic and should NEVER be used when winterizing a  pool.

    • Remove the plugs from pool equipment to drain the antifreeze.  Inspect filter and pump for any damaged/worn parts (add to list).

    • Replace plugs and pressure gauges.

    • Hook up pump, filter and any other additional equipment you might have (heater, spa equipment, waterfall circulation pumps,  etc.).

    TIP: Lubricate the pump “O” ring with a silicone lubricant. This will ensure a proper seal.

    • Re-attach any deck equipment you have such as ladders, rails, diving boards, etc.  Make sure to reconnect any grounding wires or  straps that may have been attached to the metal parts.

    TIP: Lubricate all bolts on the dive board, ladders and/or rails.  This will prevent them from rusting over the summer making it easier  on you for pool closing.

    • Prime the pump as required. Turn on the power to the pool system.  Start and check the system for leaks or drips.  Check for proper  flow.  Backwash the filter thoroughly. If you did not Deep Cleanse your filter last fall – apply Dazzleâ„¢ Filter Cleanse.

    • Apply the Dazzleâ„¢ Healthier Opening Kit to prepare your water for easy summer maintenance.

    TIP: run the system continuously for at least 8 hrs but preferably 24 hrs before you bring your water test in for your professional  Dazzle™ AquaAce computerized water test.

    • Balance your pool water to recommended levels.  There is a good reason for doing this – saves you money and prevents future  problems.

    TIP:  If your pool is green, see your Dazzle™ water care professional.  We have products for easy clean-up and tips to prevent  problems in the future.