what is calcium hardness?

Dazzle Pool Products

  • What is CH?

    • The measure of dissolved calcium present in the water
    • Total Harness is the measure of calcium, magnesium and other hardness minerals
    • Proper swimming pool ranges:
    • Plaster, fully tiled: 200-275ppm
    • Vinyl, fibreglass, painted: 175-225ppm
    • If lower, raise with Pro Balance TH+
    • If high, control with Stain & Scale Prevent
    • In salt pools, control scaling with the Pristiva program (Primer & Activator)

    Why is it important?

    • In swimming pool water, a balanced calcium hardness does the following:
        • Helps protect surfaces from etching, corrosion, staining
        • Helps protect surfaces from scale formation
        • Helps provide clearer water
        • Fewer problems - easier maintenance

    Why does CH change?

    • Top up water will raise or lower CH
    • A freshly plastered pool will see increases in pH and CH as it cures
    • Otherwise, it shouldn't shift much once balanced unless forming scale
    • Product additions don't generally have an effect on CH

    Problems associated with CH:

    • When low - soft water
      • Etched plaster, grout
      • Increased corrosiveness
      • Possible staining
    • When high- scale forming
      • On heater elements
      • Any metal surface
      • Filter media (especially sand)
      • Control with Stain & Scale Prevent
      • Cloudy water
      • Hard water stains

Raise CH