what is ph?

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  • What is pH?

    • Potential Hydrogen
    • The measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution
    • The realtionship between Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxyl (OH-) Ions
    • A scale between 0 and 14
    • PH7 is considered neutral
    • pH less than 7 is acidic
    • pH greater than 7 is basic or alkaline

    Why is it important?

    • In swimming pool water, it is important to maintain pH in the range of 7.4-7.6
        • Bather comfort
        • Sanitizer efficiency
        • Protection of surfaces from scale, stains, corrosion
        • Clear water
        • Fewer problems - easier maintenance - less algae

    Why does pH change?

    • Frequent product additions
    • Every product has a pH
      • Liquid chlorine raises pH
      • Compressed chlorine lowers pH
      • Salt systems raise pH
      • Traditional Shocks raise pH
    • Bather load and bather wastes lower pH
    • Heavy rain lowers pH
    • Make-up water could lower or raise pH depending on area
    • Algae raises pH

    Problems associated with pH:

    • When low - increases acidic nature of water
      • Uncontrollable, irritating
      • Corrodes, etches surfaces
      • Sanitizer dissipates quickly
    • When high- increases scale forming nature of water
      • Uncomfortable
      • Scale forms easily
      • Sanitizers weaken
      • Cloudy water (calcium)
      • Algae grows more quickly

Raise pH

Lower pH

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