what is stabilizer?

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  • What is Stabilizer?

    • Also known as Cyanuric Acid (CYA) or Conditioner
    • A chemical developed largley to bond to chlorine
    • Stablizer should be used in any outdoor pool utilizing chlorine as the primary sanitizer - including salt pools
    • Stabilizer should be used in any vinyl-lined pool indoor or outdoor

    Why is it important?

    • Stabilizer serves 2 useful functions
    • Significantly reduces the rate at which chlorine dissipates in UV rays
    • Extends the life of the vinyl liners

    Do Stabilizer levels change?

    • Stabilizer is only lost from pool water by draining, backwashing or bather drag-out
    • It cannot be broken down and does not evaporate
    • To reduce stabilizer levels, the water must be diluted through draining and refilling with fresh water

    Problems associated with CYA:

    • As stabilizer levels climb, their ability to slow the speed at which chlorine kills increases
    • Maintain stabilizer levels below 100ppm
    • There are no known negative health effects from stabilizer