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what is Total dissolved solids (tds)?

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  • What is TDS?

    • The total of all minerals, chemicals and solids dissolved in the water
    • TDS accumulates through the normal life of the pool water
    • TDS will be lowest when a pool is freshly filled
    • Maximum recommended range:
      • 2,500 ppm in traditional pool
      • 1,500 ppm over ideal salt level in salt pool
      • 1,500 ppm in a hot tub

    Why is it important?

    • As TDs elevates, the normal management of pool water becomes more difficult
    • Sanitizer efficiency reduces
    • Corrosion can increase
    • Water clarity reduces
    • Reduced chemical efficiency
    • Increased problems - more difficult maintenance

    Why does TDS change?

    • Every product added to treat water will have an effect on TDS
    • Normal Environmental exposure
    • Bather Waste
    • Fill Water

    How to correct high TDS:

    • When above maximum recommended level
      • Dilute pool water with make-up water of a lower TDS
      • Normal evaporation and top-up does not lower TDS - it raises it
      • Hot tubs can be drained and refilled