Dazzle Pool Products

  • What is TA?

    • The total of all alkaline minerals int he water
    • Namely; bicarbonates (HCO3), carbonates (CO3), hydroxides (OH-)
    • The measure of waters ability to resist a change in pH
    • Proper swimming pool ranges:
      • 80-125ppm in plaster, fully tiled pools
      • 125-150 ppm in vinyl, fiberglass and paint pools
    • Acts as a buffer or shock absorber for pH
    • Balance initially each spring
    • Check monthly and adjust as needed thereafter


    Why is it important?

    • In swimming pool water, a balanced total alkalinity does the following:
      • Allows easier maintenance of pH within the desired range
      • Helps protect surfaces from corrosion, staining and scale formation
      • Helps provide clearer water
      • Fewer problems - easier maintenance

    Why does TA change?

    • TA is depleted in the buffering of acids and maintenance of proper pH
    • Product additions can have an effect on TA
      • Bromine Tabes lower TA
      • Balance pH- lowers TA
      • Balance pH+ raises TA
    • Heavy rainfall can lower TA (acid rain)
    • Fill water can raise or lower TA depending on geographic area

    Problems associated with TA:

    • When low - increases acidic nature of water
      • Ph bounces uncontrollably
      • Vinyl can wrinkle
      • Plaster can etch
      • Surfaces can corrode
      • Staining can occur
    • When high- increases scale forming nature of water
      • Leads to a high acid demand
      • Consistently high pH
      • Issues associated with high pH
      • Scale forms more readily
      • Cloudy water (calcium)

Step #1: Reduce

  • Use Dazzle Amaze
  • Recommended Weekly
  • Reduces the build-up of bather wastes and particulate that naturally occurs
  • Restores the dazzling sparkle to water
  • Amaze is the 'next generation' product for shocking water
  • Unique, dual-action approach provides unmatched oxidizing power with a gentle touch and powerful clarifiers

-enhanced activated oxygen
-powerful clarifiers
-balanced pH
-no copper or other toxic elements
-doesn't raise chlorine to harmful levels

Step #2: Remove

  • Use Dazzle Ultra Cleanse
  • Recommended Weekly
  • Remove phosphates and organics for cleaner, fresher water
  • Natural enzymes and essential oils digest organic wastes (greases, pollutants, etc.)
  • Advanced, all natural phosphate removal technology - removes food for algae
  • Regular 'deep cleanse' treatments leave water clean, algae-free and comfortable

Step #3: Protect

  • Use Dazzle Mega Sticks
  • As needed to maintain a 1.0 - 3.0 ppm chlorine residual
  • When steps #1 and #2 are performed regularly, the quantity of Mega Sticks is reduced = better results with less chlorine